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Market Street Supply sells products from the brands and manufacturers listed below: Comfy Clothiers, Modern Industrial, Shirt Stay Plus, Hydranti, and Flui-PRO. The industries we cover ranges from clothing accessories, to janitorial, to plumbing. Consumers and businesses rely on Market Street Supply and our solution-oriented products each day to help make their lives easier each day.

Comfy Clothiers

Comfy Clothiers is a brand that provides everyday solutions to men and women that allow them to extend the life of their clothing while helping them save money in a practical way.

Metal Collar Extenders

Collar Extenders fit on your dress shirt collar’s top button while discreetly hiding behind your tie to help give you a little bit more room in your neck collar.

Pants Extenders

Pants Waist Extenders fit in the button hole of your pants and connect to your pants button to give you extra room ensuring you enjoy your pants fit comfortably.

Elastic Shirt Stays

Elastic Shirt Stays are designed to keep your shirt tucked in while you’re working. They’re most commonly used for police and military use, and corporate use.

Shoe Accessories

Comfy Clothiers sells shoe horns that are designed to help you put your shoes on without bending over. Perfect for people that have had hip replacements.

Winter Accessories

Check out the sweater and cashmere combs from Comfy Clothiers. They’ll help you de-pill your clothes so you can continue to wear them in public longer than normal.

Modern Industrial

Modern Industrial offers janitorial supplies & cleaning solutions that help your organization put its best foot forward, increasing customer satisfaction & retention.

Urinal Screens

Urinal Screens will help prevent splashing while helping you maintain a clean and good-smelling restroom for your business.

Urinal Mats

Our urinal mats are designed to eliminate odors and protect your business’s restroom floors from splashes.
Brite Crown Logo

Brite Crown

Brite Crown is a brand that provides arts supplies to young aspiring artists so they can express their creativity and develop their unique styles.

Brite Crown Fineliner Pens

Black Fineliner Pens

The black fine liner pens from Brite Crown are designed for illustrations and drawing so you can draw without worrying about smearing. 

Brite Crown Sketch Pad

100-Sheet Sketch Pad

The Brite Crown Sketch Pad notebook has 100-sheets that are made to be drawn on with fineliner pens and pencils.

Brite Crown Watercolor Brush Pens

Watercolor Brush Pens

Watercolor Brush Pens from Brite Crown gives you a fun way to create beautiful watercolor pictures. 

Brite Crown Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor Pencils

The Watercolor Pencils by Brite Crown are used to colorize what you draw first with the pencils. Then you add water strokes to give it a watercolor painting feel.